July 2019 (tentative) schedule - 2 hour shifts

Signup accomplished by contacting the secretary or Steve @ annandalelionsclub.org with your available dates and shifts.

Here are the anticipated shifts, start times and MINIMUM number of volunteers needed.  Traditional calendar view below chart.

First shift each day will need to clean griddles (instructions here) as they be oiled, not cleaned the previous night.
We'll want to have some burgers ready for the carnival workers about 1/2 hour before carnival start time...

  Wed 3rd
Starts 4pm?
Thur 4th
Starts noon
Fri 5th
Starts noon
Sat 6th
Starts noon
Sun 7th
Starts noon
Shifts / # needed          
1.  10:30-12:30   EIGHT! 4 4 4
2. 12:30-2:30   EIGHT! 3 3 3
3.  2:30-4:30 3 3 3 3 3
4.  4:30-6:30 3 3 3 3 3
5.  6:30-8:30 4 EIGHT! 3 3 3
6.  8:30-10:30 4 EIGHT! 4 4 4
Adam H    
Al Nerheim          
Bob Bayard          
Brian Benjamin          
Brian Skluzaek Sr          
Chad Wiles          
Corey Czycalla          
Dan Zahler          
Dave Stifter          
Dean Flygare          
Derek Groth          
Dewey Gunnarson      
Glenn Rozenberg          
Guy Hawkinson          
Harvey Dahl          
Jack Techel          
Jared Braun          
Jeff Bach          
Jeff Herr          
Jerry Geske        
Jim Hallstrom          
Jim LaTour          
Jim Miller          
Joe Bayer          
John Bergstrand          
Justin Provo          
Keith Jerpseth          
Kent Davidson        
Kurt Jonas          
Larry Thompson          
Mark Dvorak          
Mark Miller          
Mike Nelson          
Mike Zieska          
Mitch Olson          
Myron Morris          
Nathan Domagala          
Pat Hill          
Paul Hansen          
Paul Manuel          
Peter Braun          
Peter Kotrba          
Randall Berns          
Red Petersen          
Russ Fortner          
Sheldon Brown          
Skip Hall          
Steve Bruggeman          
Steve Hoien          
Steve Lano          
Steve Michel          
Steve Niklaus          
Steven Bergesch          
Steven Thompson          
Thomas Johnson          
Tim Isle          
Tom Gay          
Warren Nelson          
w t f s s

* The 4th is very busy open until about 2pm and again 7 to close, we need 8 volunteers!


Wed 3rd
Opens 4pm?

Thur 4th
Opens Noon

Fri 5th
Opens Noon

Sat 6th
Opens Noon

Sun 7th
Opens Noon




















Utensil cleanup

Utensil cleanup

Utensil cleanup

Utensil cleanup

Utensil cleanup