Annandale Lions Club Meat Raffles (days/times subject to change)

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SiteMonth ofGroupType
FlinstonesApril 2018Clear Lake Troop 94501c3
Richs at RussellsApril 2018Knights of ColumbusTo St Ignatius
StadiumApril 2018Annandale Wrestling Club501c3
FlinstonesMay 2018Rejoice Lutheran Church Youth/FamilyChurch
StadiumMay 2018Annandale Area Community Team (ACT)501c3
Richs at RussellsJune 2018Annandale Improvement Club501c3
FlinstonesAugust 2018Minnesota Pioneer Park501c3
Richs at RussellsAugust 2018Annandale Improvement Club501c3
FlinstonesSeptember 2018Clear Lake Area Youth Baseball501c3
Richs at RussellsSeptember 2018Minnesota Pioneer Park501c3
FlinstonesOctober 2018Clear Lake Area Youth Baseball501c3

Tentative schedule

SiteMonth ofGroupType
Richs at RussellsMay 2018Conservation Club501c3
FlinstonesJune 2018available 
StadiumJune 2018available 
FlinstonesJuly 2018available 
Richs at RussellsJuly 2018The Mission Project501c3
StadiumJuly 2018available 
StadiumAugust 2018available 
StadiumSeptember 2018available 
Richs at RussellsOctober 2018available 
StadiumOctober 2018available 
FlinstonesNovember 2018available 
Richs at RussellsNovember 2018available 
StadiumNovember 2018available 
FlinstonesDecember 2018available 
Richs at RussellsDecember 2018available 
StadiumDecember 2018available 

We are continually looking for additional raffle opportunities for these and other fine organizations...