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Concession trailer

In 1999 the Annandale Lions built a cook trailer with 3 griddles.  We used it at a variety of events for both our fundraising efforts and at other organization and church fundraisers.

In 2013 we acquired a new fully enclosed cook trailer containing griddles and deep fryers.  The inaugural use was during the Annandale 125th Independence Day celebration.  

Lion Russ Fortner had a wild idea how we could promote burger sales and have a little fun, so we constructed this ad hoc float for the parade.  As we make our way down the parade route, we cook up some mini-burgers and hand out to the crowd.  Taking 3rd place in 2012 and 2nd in 2013, this wild idea was actually a big hit...

More images from the Independence Day Celebration here 
And a special guest cook...