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Charitable gambling has become a complex and highly regulated business.  We suggest you print this and share this information with all your employees.  Basic subjects below:

Cash handling | Insider information | Illegal gambling | Selling and Redeeming | Rejecting a paper tab | E-tabs | More                                                                             

Universal rules:

Cash handling

The bar is responsible for all cash and shortages are deducted from rent. 

See securing cash for information about the Gambling Control Board (GCB) actions when cash theft occurs.  Serious and/or consistent cash shortages can lead to citations and even a loss of your permit.  (See game auditing)

Insider information

A paper pull-tab seller may not provide any “insider” information to players that provides an unfair advantage related to the potential winnings from paper pull-tabs.  

If there is reason to believe that an organization or paper pull-tab seller has been or is providing insider information to players, the GCB may require the organization to post major prizes and the names of major winners, and an organization may lose their gambling license or premises permit.

Illegal gambling

Basically any game of chance and/or where the participants pay to play, would constitute a "bet" and, therefore, be illegal gambling.  This even includes gambling like a game of cards between friends.

More details plus information on Texas Hold’em and other tournaments can be found here:

From the GCB: 

“Premises permit - If illegal gambling occurs at a premises, the GCB shall suspend the premises permit up to 90 days for a first occurrence.”  (Rent cannot be paid.)

Selling and redeeming paper tabs

Games can never be held for a player.  If the game is open, anyone can play it, even if someone indicates "they will be back" to play!  First come, first serve.


Be on the alert for counterfeit bills.  If suspicious bill(s) are presented, the sellers have the right to reject suspect bills.  The bar is responsible for counterfeit bills.

Redeeming winning tabs

Always be courteous and respectful to customers.  Some players may not tip as much as you would hope, some nothing at all.  Don’t forget, they may be hundreds of dollars into a game before they win anything. 

See buyout and "last sale" information below!

Rejecting a winning tab

Un-defaced tabs may be stolen from you then re-redeem. 
If successful, this will of course, cause a cash shortage in that game.


As with any gambling funds, the bar is responsible for cash and cash shortages.  Regardless if you or we supplied the start bank, there is a log sheet that must be completed each day you are open.  If we supply the start bank, the log is a bit more complex involving calculations at day end.  See Hints/Ideas below.

When adding cash to a device check the device # before applying the new money! 
Failure to do so will result in cash losses.

When paying winners, be sure to cash out Failure to do so will result in cash losses.

If you see this message click to clear before handing the device out. 
You will probably have to clear multiple messages.

Read your house rules as they may vary, but the basics:

Large Etab winnings: As stated in the house rules, bingo winning over $599 is handled and paid by the supplier.  If a large winning occurs, the supplier will call within minutes and walk you through the process.

It is extremely important to "cash out" on the device before handing over money!  There have been occurrences where the player was paid cash but the device was not cashed out and the player continued to play the device.  That of course, creates a cash missing situation.  You are responsible for all cash losses.


Closing a game

When to close a game is up to the bar.  We simply cannot monitor all games in play.  If you're unsure about closing a game (or not), call us, we'll be happy to offer our opinion.

If you close a game before we can get there to change it:

Call us immediately upon closing any game as deposits must be made within 4 days.

State penalties

Citation and loss of premise permits occur constantly.  You can review the GCB quarterly Gaming Newsletter here which offers gaming news, trends and also previous citations and actions taken.

A couple very common problems the GCB finds are employee play (see who can/cannot play) and prize receipts not properly completed. 


The GCB sends out inspectors randomly, when complaints occur and/or when site problems are suspected.  If someone presents themselves as an inspector, ask for identification!  There have been many attempts by thieves to steal money by pretending to be an inspector. 

ID is more then a business card, they will have an actual ID card.  If there is any question, don't hesitate to call the local law enforcement.  Legitimate inspectors will not mind.

Also know that legitimate inspectors from the Control Board cannot count your cash!  They can make you count as they watch but they are not allowed to touch your cash. 

However, if they are accompanied by a Revenue officer, that person (apparently) can physically count your money, again, ask for ID!

Other information and links



Flares:  Be sure $50 and up get marked off.  We suggest a black marker just "X" out the prize and start at the last (bottom) one, not the first.  Some players seeing the the first (top) prize marked out feel the game is not worth playing.

Low cash game: If borrowing money from one game to cover a cash short game, be sure to log the transactions on both game logs.  As soon as the short game can pay it back, do so and again, note on both logs.  A game closed that has money not yet repaid will audit as cash short.

Prize receipts: Must be filled out completely.  If using an ID scanner, the sticker must be completely adhered to the receipt.  It cannot be folded over on itself, taped or stapled to the receipt.

Game buy out

Game buy out is not the same as Last Sale games that pay extra for buying out a box. Annandale Lions Club does not offer Last Sale games at any of our sites.

There is no guarantee a prize shown on the flare remains in the game. 

If allowed by your house rules, any customer can buy out a game at any time. 

Some sites have opted to have a maximum purchase at one time to avoid buyout issues.

It is up to the bar how to handle other players that have winning tabs, i.e., allowing them to roll those back into the game or only allow them to redeem for cash.  We prefer to see the later since by asking to buy out the box, they effectively claimed all remaining tickets. Whichever - you must be consistent!

If a player requests to buy out the box, any player holding winning tab(s) may cash out but may not roll it/them for more tickets as the other player has laid claim to all remaining tabs.

Sellers may estimate the number of tabs remaining but the customer must pay in cash, up front for the actual count.   Customers cannot purchase remaining pull-tabs with apparent winners left in the game.  Cash up-front.

Buyout counting takes second seat to your regular business, so let the customer know you will count them as you have time.