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Game audits

We have two different people, two audits on all closed games and about half of those are again audited by a third party.

In addition, the Gambling Control Board and our accountants also audit random games.

Game audits consist of counting and bundling all unsold tabs, checking flares, totaling prizes and checking those for winner information, dates, signatures, etc..  Completed audits are compared to the deposit.  Variances are then cash short or cash long.  Shortages are deducted from rent.  Cash long will offset cash short games (in the same month).

It is remarkably simple math:

  Example 1 Example 2
Game's ideal/gross receipts 3160 3160
Unsold tabs * - 500 - 1500
Prize receipts -1800 -1800
Game's net = 860 = -140

The back of the flare shows the game's potential; ideal receipts, ideal prizes and ideal net.

* Remember, every lost/missing (unsold) tab is a loss of that face value. 
   Lost prizes add up even quicker.