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Municipal Park Pavilion


Originally built in 1903, the Pavilion was the town's meeting place, a dance floor and even roller-skating.   After some ninety years of use the building was showing its age.  There were two options discussed; either tearing it down or moving it to Pioneer Park.   But in December 1993 President Tom Klingelhutz approached the City and the Pavilion became a Lions project.

The project committee consisted of: Jim Braun, Floyd Esjornson, Daryl Gunnarson, Tom Lampi, Tom Klingelhutz, Mark Miller, Steve Niklaus and Stan Otto.  Their plan was a three-phase multi-year project beginning April of '94 and estimated at $100,000.  

  1. A new foundation and a lower floor to include restrooms, a kitchen and dining area.
  2. Windows and interior.
  3. Siding and roof.

Various improvments have been made since:


The Pavilion is for rent by the City of Annandale.  For more information: 

Call City Hall 320-274-3055 or request up-to-date information via email